Removal Guidance

Finding the right provider, managing him door to door and supporting you to ensure your total satisfaction.

Movers selection and quote management

Besides being a major cost in a relocation package, a poorly mastered move can have a significant psychological impact. Beyond material or financial issues, the generated stress can affect the immediate effectiveness of the employee:

  • Requirements definition and selection of a panel of professional movers
  • Organising technical visits and obtaining quotes
  • Employee’s opinion taken into account
  • Comparative quotes (Service/pricing)
  • Summary document and recommendations to the client

Monitoring of the move door to door

Being the main point of contact and being able to inform our customers at all times about the progress of the operations entrusted to us, regardless of their point of departure or arrival:

  • Identification of the critical steps and dates to set as a priority
  • Confirmation of the procedure with the provider
  • Compliance with KPIS
  • Corrective action if necessary
  • Establishment of a monitoring process

Compliance with specifications and the relocation policy

Compliance with specifications or with our customers relocation policy is at the centre of our daily concerns. All our moving partners are made aware of them and our teams in charge of coordinating the removals are responsible for their proper implementation:

  • Perfect knowledge of our customers policies and specifications
  • Training of our providers in France and in the rest of the world
  • Implementation of KPI
  • Information provided to the relocated employee
  • Non-compliance report provided to the HR Manager
  • Consolidated billing

Insurance and After Sales Service

Remaining our customers preferred partner, taking the administrative hassle away from them and accompanying them through their installation until their total satisfaction:

  • Possibility to purchase removal insurance directly via CSU
  • Preparation and monitoring of claims
  • Time optimisation
  • Monitoring of customer satisfaction
  • Reporting

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