Installation Support

The various services offered in this program are designed to facilitate and accelerate your integration or that of your employees to their new environment.

Orientation day

This tailor made program aims to familiarize the expatriate and their family to a new environment. Whether it’s about choosing a place of residence or determine the meaning of a position abroad, our consultant will be happy to spend a day or half a day with your expatriate to allow them to discover the shops, transports, medical support, sports and cultural centres, in short an overview of the local lifestyle :

  • Delivery of a welcome package (Welcome Pack)
  • Visit of a selection of 3 to 4 accommodation options; the employee will thus be able to get an idea of the rental market in relation to their budget and their research criteria
  • School visits
  • Orientation tour; exploration of districts (shops, transports, medical care, sports centres…)

Furniture rental

For short periods, we offer beautifully furnished accommodation. If applicable, thanks to our partners, we are able to help you to fully furnish your home, from the kitchen to the bedding through to appliances, the living room or linens, whether for a few weeks or for several years :

  • Fast : delivery and pick-up within a few days
  • Flexible : formulas with appropriate rents
  • Custom-made : several furniture and home equipment lines are available, you make your home to your taste

School support

Ensuring children’s well-being and fulfilment is a necessity. To allow you to make the right choice adapted to your needs, CSU directs you to the school and the education system matching your aspirations the most.

The goal is to help families choose the school adapted to their children :

  • Advises & Information
  • Appointment settings with school directors
  • Support in the visits
  • Assistance in the registration process

After-Care - Help line

To facilitate installation in a new environment and to compensate for cultural or linguistic issues, CSU offers coaching and support programs in relation with accommodation :

  • Whether need for a few months or several years
  • Support during office hours or 24/7
  • Damage management
  • Intervention specialists
  • Quote Management/Work monitoring

Departure Formalities

Departure day is approaching and you still have plenty to do. You want everything to go well and with ease for you and your family? Then you should entrust our coordinator CSU with managing your departure formalities :

  • Summary of the different steps to take
  • Termination of accommodation-related contracts (rent, water, gas, …)
  • Termination of personal contracts (Mobile, sports clubs, school …)
  • Advice and assistance for the departure inventory (pre-departure inventory possible)
  • Account balance, repayment of the deposit
  • Change of address

Housing Search

To optimize your housing search, CSU offers a range of programs to meet the different needs you may have. Temporary residence, short or long term rentals, furnished, unfurnished, purchase, etc. Your CSU Relocation Coordinator will be able to offer the best solutions to meet your needs and those of your family. Examples of programs we can offer :


Rental accommodating search, comprehensive program :

  • Welcome package (Welcome Pack)
  • Preliminary telephone interview
  • A day-tour including a selection of 6 to 8 accommodations according to your search criteria
  • Assistance in the negotiation and signing of the lease
  • Check-in inventory
  • Contract subscription (home insurance, phone, electricity, gas, cable, Internet)

This program can be offered for one or several days


Rental accommodating search, lighter program :

  • Comprehensive accommodation search with support in signing the lease (excluding support for departure and check-in inventory)
  • Preliminary telephone interview
  • Visits accompanied by a selection of 6 to 8 accommodations per day or 3 to 4 accommodations per half day, depending on the rental market
  • Support in the negotiation and signing of the lease

This program can be offered for one or several days


Temporary accommodations/vacation rental search :

  • Preliminary telephone interview
  • Booking with or without the visits
  • Possibility to send photos of selected accommodations

Bank Support

Soon after your move, in order to undertake all administrative procedures in your daily life, you will need a local bank account and the means of payment that come with it :

  • Suggestion of several institutions
  • Information on the local banking system
  • Support on site or not for the opening of an account

Coordination of international relocation

You want to coordinate the relocation of all your employees worldwide through a single dedicated contact and ensure that your relocation policy and costs are well managed :

  • A network of over 650 partners worldwide
  • The international expertise of our CSU specialists
  • Access to a full range of services
  • A business computer software for task management and quality measurement
  • Online tracking to track the progress of your files
  • Customised reports to optimise the management of your relocation
  • Centralised billing to manage your costs

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