Cosmopolitan Services Unlimited

Founded in 1978 and pioneering relocation in France, CSU is a company of the FG Mobility Group, a European leader in relocation services. From Paris to London to New York and Tokyo, we can help your expatriate employees in all their endeavours: Accommodation, visa, residence permit, paperwork, education, rental management, removal control, etc. Partner with the main CAC 40 companies but also with medium-size companies and SMEs aiming towards the conquest of new markets, CSU will assist you in managing your expatriate employees and in your international development.

Our model: know-how

Recruiting, selecting and working only with the best specialists and partners to ensure our customers an optimal quality of service at all times and anywhere in the world.


  • Experience
  • Expertise
  • Disponibility
  • Flexibility


A quality approach

All of the companies that make up the FG Mobility Group have been committed, for several years, to a comprehensive quality approach. Among its subsidiaries, the Group possesses the following certifications and accreditations  :

  • ISO9001- Quality Management
  • ISO 14001- Environmental Management
  • ISO 27001- Management of Information Security

COSMOPOLITAN SERVICES UNLIMITED also shows its total commitment to quality and has the following certifications :

  • Eura Quality Seal – Quality Management dedicated to Relocation Services
  • ISO 27001- Management of Information Security
  • Referenced partner of the Magellan Network

Our strengths

Custome services

Our integrated and tailored services, our ability to intervene all over the world and our accumulated experience are all elements which, combined with efficient IT solutions, make our group a leader in global management of relocation services.

Our comprehensive IT solutions

To meet the expectations of our customers in terms of communication and of provision and management of data, we provide online services developed from a software specific to the global management of relocation services.

Through dedicated and secure platforms, we have the ability to provide real-time quantitative and qualitative data on all operations entrusted to us.

With these information systems, we are also able to evaluate and guide our partners, to monitor the SLAs/KPIs required by our customers, to respond to online services initiations or to provide advice and assistance to our clients, twenty-four/seven.

Our team in France

25 permanent employees

  • Coordination of National and International Mobility
  • A specific organization

A dedicated Team Leader per customer
– the customer’s Primary Contact
– Guarantor of respect of the Mobility Policy and of the Customer’s specifications

Assisted by one or more Mobility Officers
– Specialists in their field
– Proficiency in several foreign languages including English
– Ability to deal with complex situations, interpersonal skills, communication skills

60 field consultants

  • Spread out all over France
  • Bilingual/Multilingual
  • Experience in International Relocation
  • Possessing field experience
  • Recruited and trained by CSU